Rachel Veronneau LMFT

Rachel Veronneau LMFT



Most of my clients are very happy that I provide a free 30 minute question answer session. The second thing most of my clients are very grateful for is my cognitive behavioral techniques. Also known as CBT therapy and that I add additional techniques to that and provide a lot of psychoeducation. This way clients can understand what they're dealing with and then try techniques. We talk about feelings. Many Clients working strictly on anxiety and depression during normal times - not Covid, finished therapy in 3,4 or six months. Many clients are very happy with their progress and sometimes decide to work on more things and stay a little longer in therapy. Occasionally I will see a client after six years or so to work on a new situation. Or get a shot in the arm with Techniques, thoughts or feelings. I walk into my office with 15 years experience as a mental health worker on a locked psychiatric unit in Redwood City, at Sequoia Hospital

I think that the termination session is the most exciting session for me. It is when both the client and I talk about what brought the client in and sometimes we read the initial treatment note in session. We discuss all the progress that was made. And what would be a warning sign that a session or two in the years to come might be needed to take care of things sooner, so things wouldn't hurt so much before entering therapy. I feel honored to be part of someone's journey into self recovery and healing.


21 years in business
Serves West Menlo Park , CA

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I have worked on a psychiatric unit for 15 years, I have worked for 8 1/2 years as a drug and alcohol counselor for teens, and  a group home for severely emotionally disturbed teenagers. I have also worked for four years as a special education teacher for emotionally fragile and medically fragile preschoolers.I also have worked 20 years, part time for Foothill College in the role of campus instructor for the chronically mentally ill and physically disabled. I have also worked 20 years in business for myself. Some of the agencies I have worked for include Sequoia Hospital, Social Advocatrs for youth, Adolescent counseling services, Caravan group home, and the San Lorenzo school district.

Based on verification of income. The sliding scale is set during the first therapeutic session. That price is provided in a sliding scale chart and then the client signs the fee payment sheet. Payment is expected at the beginning a session when a session is consistent every week at the same time, the session will be 60 minutes long.

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