Marilyn Jhung Psychotherapy And Mindfulness Coaching

Marilyn Jhung Psychotherapy And Mindfulness Coaching

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Offers online services


I provide therapy for other therapists, which speaks to my competence level. I am 58-years old female with specialization in interracial couples, infidelity and partner betrayal issues, narcissist and codependent issues, toxic love attachments, Full Disclosure infidelity couples process, and mediate temporary Separation Process for couples on the brink of break-up or divorce. I am also a Certified Personality Disorder Treatment Specialist and Life Coach. My approach is active and direct and lends well for clients who want a no-frills type of therapist/counselor. I integrate therapy with coaching strategies which is highly effective for individual or couples seeking results in a timely manner. I work with individuals and couples and joint sessions involving adult child and parent/s.

My work allows me to witness resilience, hope, and inner strength in the human experience of my clients. My work is my passion and provides inspiration, meaning, and purpose to being.


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Offers online services

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    K. D.

    I too am a psychotherapist and I’ve had a handful of therapists over the years. Marilyn tunes right in and is gifted at understanding what I am feeling, experiencing, and helping me to move towards the changes I need to make in my life to achieve my goals. When working with my fiancé and I she dials right in on the issues, and what each of us are experiencing and helps to frame things so they make sense. She is quite fair, doesn’t take sides, and helps each of us see our areas of growth. She doesn’t allow either of us to practice unproductive behavior in session and helps with a corrective experience so we can each learn how to have awareness of ourselves, then of each other, and finally to have awareness of how our words, behavior, and body language impacts the relationship. Of all the therapist I know, Marilyn is my go to choice for sending referrals. She considerate, compassionate, very professional, and worth every penny!
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    March 20, 2023


    I thank God for guiding me and my husband to Marilyn as a couple counselor. I recommend her strongly if your marriage/relationship is in crisis. From my experience, counseling with Marilyn is distinctly different from other therapists. There was so much insight and value even in “one” consultation with Marilyn, which I had never received with other counselors. I was at the end of my rope because of my husband’s infidelity. Each session, Marilyn has guided us in a very gentle way yet active and direct. She has provided us new tools, effective conversation skills, and practical solutions with her amazing insights. We have learned that our unhealthy and damaging patterns were threatening our marriage. Marilyn is warm and empathetic, and appropriately firm when more accountability is needed. We are now re-building our new relationship. Surprisingly, we are so much happier together than weve ever been. Thank you Marilyn, you are truly amazing:) We appreciate you very very much! <3
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    March 18, 2023


    She has been very instructive and caring. She has explained everything very clearly. I found my path.
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    February 19, 2023

    J F.

    My husband and I were living together with our son, daughter-in-law, and grandson. I dreaded the day they would depart for their new home and abandon us to our own devices. Our relationship lacked intimacy, love and support. Both my parents had recently died, I was isolated from friends, and COVID was wreaking havoc; I was at an all time low. Marilyn entered our marriage after 40 years. To say old dogs can’t learn new tricks couldn’t be more inaccurate. Marilyn has given us new tools to navigate our way through what used to be unhealthy and damaging patterns. She is teaching us how to step back from ourselves, to seek to understand before being understood, and to focus on the love in our relationship. As we continue to practice unraveling scenarios with new skills, we experience less contention and more happiness. Thank you, Marilyn!
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    February 18, 2023

    Han L.

    Marilyn has turned my life around, and made me a better person, wife and mother! I had worked with quite a few therapists in the past, but no one compares to Marilyn!
    Marilyn is a VERY intelligent therapist - she has strong intuition and clear read on people and situations. Not all therapists can see through a personality and issue so quickly and clearly, AND offer the right type of therapy so effectively. Ive spent a lot of money and time sitting in therapies that offer temporary relieves, yet they never really changed the way I think or feel about myself and life. But Marilyn did - she turned my views and life around. She did so not by simply telling me what I should do, but by offering ample empathy and healthy amount of calling out when I go down the spiral. She really goes deep on her observations, identifies the root causes of certain behaviors, and offers practical tools and advices. I now have a mental tool box full of tools and advices from Marilyn.
    My husband and I have benefited tremendously from Marilyn - our communication styles have improved, our individual scars are being treated, our parenting strategies have improved, and overall, we are so much happier together than weve ever been!
    Thank you Marilyn, you are life-changingly amazing, and we appreciate you so much!
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    November 07, 2022


    Marilyn has helped me through one of the darkest times of my life. As a responsible, conscientious woman, I never thought I was capable of having an affair. And yet I found myself in one out of challenging circumstances, and it was discovered. The fallout was brutal and heartbreaking for all involved.
    I felt completely lost and in crisis - sad, mad, ashamed, hurt, both a victim and a perpetrator --that things would never again be okay. Marilyn helped me navigate through crisis mode to where I am today - a place of increasing peace.
    She helped me understand how I arrived in the situation I did. To have compassion for myself, and also the people involved whom I hurt. She is both coach and therapist. Deeply warm and empathetic, and appropriately firm when more accountability is needed.
    My favorite thing about Marilyn is her ability to provide practical, digestible frameworks for understanding my or others behavior without them feeling formulaic. That balanced with her ability to talk about relationships as a spiritual practice in a non woo-woo manner. She can meet you where you need on these levels.
    I am scared to think where I would be without this woman’s adept guidance and her expertise managing extremely complex situations such as affairs. If you’re feeling lost in an affair and uncomfortable with your own confusion/compromised integrity, please reach out to her. She is exceptional and I only wish I had found her sooner.
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    May 13, 2022

    Frequently asked questions

    My approach to couples counseling is an active and direct approach - no frills. Let's get to the core issues and get to the Truth of things. My approach works well for couples have "tried everything", and wish to make one final and last attempt to get the relationship or marriage on track before breaking up or divorcing. There IS a greater purpose to why you are together. Would it be a bad idea to find that purpose?

    I am a license psychotherapist, a Certified Personality Disorder Treatment Specialist, and a Life Coach. I specialize in interracial couples, infidelity couples counseling, betrayal trauma, toxic love attachments, narcissist and codependent traits, and couples on the brink of breakup or divorce. I also specialize in Full Disclosure infidelity process and also mediate Controlled Separation process as a meditation step before deciding on break-up or divorce. 

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