Find a accountant in Arlington, TX

Find accountants in Arlington, TX

Find accountants in Arlington, TX

Share a few details and we'll show you the best accountants in your area.
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Find accountants in Arlington, TX

Share a few details and we'll show you the best accountants in your area.
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Top 10 accountants in Arlington, TX

Clients agree: these Arlington accountants are highly rated for knowledge, experience, communication, and more.
Cornerstone Solutions LLC

Cornerstone Solutions LLC

Offers online services
40 hires on Thervo
13+ years in business
Serves Arlington, TX
Bruce W. says, "Rarely, if ever, do I write and post recommendations for anyone on social media. However, if I find someone or some company that goes above and beyone and truly deserves a positive word, I am quick and happy to do it. This is the case with Randy and Holly – Cornerstone Solutions. I was fortunate to find Randy two years ago. At that time, I found myself in what seemed like a horrible unfixable situation. Randy talked me through it, presented a myriad of options – all the while directing me to a smarter and more responsible path to the future. His intelligence, knowledge, honesty, calm and supportive nature were a God send to me and he won me over for life. He knows what he is doing and has all the experience and background to earn your trust and respect. However, on top of this, it is the manner and patience and warmth that both he and Connie show every step of the way that makes paying taxes not a feared and worrisome responsibility. The two of them truly care about each of us in his Cornerstone family and work as hard for the large huge income corporation as they do about the smallest single filer client such as me. I can not be happier with my relationship with Cornerstone Solutions and thankful for the help that they have given me and still continue to do. I strongly advise you to contact them and let them do for you what they have done for me and countless others. You can thank me later. " Read more
H.P. Taxes

H.P. Taxes

Offers online services
1 hire on Thervo
14+ years in business
Serves Arlington, TX
Donald A. says, "She knew what she was doing..." Read more
Alpha Financial Group

Alpha Financial Group

Offers online services
7 hires on Thervo
5+ years in business
Serves Arlington, TX
Lauren R. says, "He was very quick to respond, thorough and knowledgeable. He saved me thousands by employing his knowledge and I will return to use him again next year." Read more
Jagne Small Business Services

Jagne Small Business Services

New on Thervo
Offers online services
4+ years in business
Serves Arlington, TX
It is our mission to help people improve their bottom line and keep more money inside their pockets. We offer business consulting and tax strategies consulting. We also offer bookkeeping services, tax preparation for both business and personal.
MBlack-TheTaxLady (VCM Business Solutions)

MBlack-TheTaxLady (VCM Business Solutions)

Offers online services
12+ years in business
Serves Arlington, TX
Amanda W. says, "She was able to get me money back that I wasn’t able to when trying to file by myself and I didn’t have to pay in" Read more

Your Accounting questions, answered

Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thervo.

What do accountants do?

Accountants help manage finances for businesses and individuals. Common services include:

  • Day-to-day bookkeeping: Recording income/expenses, processing payroll, managing accounts payable/receivable
  • Reporting: Preparing financial statements, cash flow reports, profit/loss statements
  • Taxes: Tax planning and preparation, filing returns, resolving audits
  • Auditing: Reviewing financial records to verify accuracy and compliance
  • Advising: Budgeting, reducing costs, improving profits, managing cash flow
  • Compliance: Ensuring legal/regulatory standards are met, documenting processes
  • Systems: Implementing accounting software/controls appropriate for the organization

How much do accountants charge?

Accountant fees vary widely based on several factors:

  • Location: Accountants in major metropolitan areas tend to charge higher rates, averaging $150 to $400 per hour. In smaller towns, rates may range from $100 to 250 per hour.
  • Experience level: Newly certified or junior accountants typically charge $50 to $150 per hour. Senior accountants with 5 to 10 years of experience charge $200 to $500 per hour on average.
  • Firm size: Solo practitioners and small local firms often have lower rates compared to larger regional or national firms.
  • Specializations: Accountants with niche expertise like forensic accounting or international taxes command higher rates.
  • Services: Commonly outsourced services like payroll, bookkeeping, and tax prep tend to cost less per hour than consultative services like auditing and financial planning.

Expect to pay $150 to $1,800+ for tax prep, $2,000 to $25,000+ for auditing, and $200 to $1,000 per month for bookkeeping, depending on your business size and needs. Request free consultations and compare detailed estimates before hiring.

How is an accountant different from a bookkeeper?

Bookkeepers handle daily transactions like recording expenses or issuing invoices. Accountants take the data bookkeepers compile and use it for high-level tasks like preparing financial statements, guiding business strategy, and filing taxes.

Most small businesses need both bookkeeping and higher-level accounting. A single accountant can provide both services, or you can hire a separate bookkeeper. If hiring both, ensure they communicate and regularly share data.

When should you hire an accountant?

Consider hiring an accountant if:

  • You need help selecting accounting systems and software for your business.
  • You need help with complex finances like managing investments, real estate, or international transactions.
  • Don't have the time or the training to do daily bookkeeping and accounting tasks yourself.
  • You need tax expertise to help maximize your return and prevent tax errors or penalties.
  • You're looking to identify cost reductions and growth opportunities.
  • You're preparing for an audit or sale and need to verify accurate financial statements.
  • You notice errors in your current system and need an expert to review processes and improve internal controls.

How do I choose an accountant near me?

The right accountant-client relationship can provide tremendous value to your business. Take the time to research options thoroughly before deciding who to hire. When researching accountants near you:

  • Ask for referrals from business owners in your industry.
  • Review credentials like CPA licensing, education, specializations.
  • Ask them for a free consultation and meet with them to discuss your needs.
  • Compare detailed estimates from at least 3 potential accountants.
  • Ask for client references and read client reviews on Lawful and Google.
  • Clearly communicate your expectations and budget.
  • Look for an accountant who communicates clearly and answers your questions in understandable terms.
  • Prioritize trust and rapport, as your accountant handles sensitive financial data.
  • Consider both large established CPA firms and smaller local professionals.

What questions should I ask when getting estimates from CPA firms or accountants?

Asking the below questions and choose an accountant who answers you promptly and clearly.

  • How long have you been an accountant?
  • What financial certifications do you have?
  • Do you specialize in a specific industry or area?
  • Can I have a free consultation? 
  • What accounting services do you offer?
  • How to you calculate and bill for your services?

Reviews for Arlington accountants

Recent success stories from people in the Arlington area.
Jerry J.
I would highly recommend Randy Rial and Cornerstone Solutions to anybody. They were courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable. Their work was on time and accurate. They also did a great job of identifying some savings on my taxes that I couldn’t possibly have known about. They made the whole process of calculating and filing my taxes simple, which to me is the most valuable quality of a tax consultant.
Cornerstone Solutions LLC
Torri S.
I had a great experience with Mehleneese! She was quick, knowledgeable, and made the process a breeze. She is stuck with me every year now!
MBlack-TheTaxLady (VCM Business Solutions)
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