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The Xairubbean

Offers online services
Offers online services


.....good morning, world! the xairubbean is revolutionizing the holistic care industry by providing our unique energy-healing therapy - featuring reiki-infused massage therapy, meditation, life coaching, and more. we set our focus on healing the body, mind, and spirit and offer mobile (in our luxurious RV) and virtual sessions (right over the phone), as appropriate! "...we'll help you feel better than you've ever imagined, for less than you'd ever expect!"

...having personally experienced depression, , stress, etc, we just want to pay it forward and help others figure things out and find their way out of their own abyss. we're here to help and we love what we do, so contact us, today, and let's talk about it!


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

...first i would enjoy just talking to the client to establish a connection and also to get a feel and deep understanding of what is needed/requested as far as treatment goes. i consider this a collaborative effort, in that i am helping the client to heal from within. as such, it's not so much what i have to offer as how i can work with the client to keep healing long after our session has officially ended.

I am a certified Level 3 Reiki Master (RMT), a certified Life Coach (CPC), and a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)

...we usually charge about $100.00/hour for any one service: Reiki-/Energy-healing, Massage therapy, Life-coaching, and Meditation.  However, we are especially proud to offer our 'xairubbean-specials' i.e. any 2 services for $125.00/hour; or any 3 services for $150.00/hour - we do offer discounts, as well, especially now during the pandemic!

...well, so many people in my life, and whom i've come across, seem damaged - either physiologically, emotionally, spiritually, etc. yet, i have found that the most powerful tool we have for healing is contained in the simplicity of human touch/interaction! as such, i endeavor to use this alternative/holistic/more natural approach to improve my own health, as well as that of the people in my life and others. this is the basis for 'the nairubbean' and what i, personally, want to bring to the world!

...we will work with anyone/everyone from single parents to parents-to-be to athletes to the elderly and everyone everyone can benefit from body work, and now energy work.  it so very therapeutic and rewarding!

...we have recently added life coaching and distance reiki/energy healing. this is performed over the telephone/internet which makes it even easier to work off people's respective schedules - right while they are in the comfort of their own homes. it has worked for me and we can't wait to share this with others!  most recently..we performed my first distance energy meditation therapy session and it was awesome.  i decided to put a little spin on it, having the client take a more active role than usual.  she felt the energy and the healing and was raving about the experience!

...investigate as much as you can but, ultimately, it comes down to what you feel and how much you are willing to trust this person. this, again, is why i love distance healing because it is safe(especially in these days and times), easy, and rather effective...and the customer need not travel anywhere, nor, invite anyone over into the safety, security, and sanctity of their home! me, soonest, here at 'the xairubbean'...and you'll feel 'better than you've ever imagined, for less than you'd ever expect!

...definitely ask the practitioner what their philosophy is and why they are performing this function. i find a lot of people do this for more mercenary reasons. personally, i really just want to heal people and help relieve them of whatever is ailing/distressing them....and that's 'the xairubbean' way!

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Massage Therapy
Life Coaching
Family Therapy
Relationship Counseling
Career Coaching
Spiritual Counseling