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Offers online services
Offers online services


What are the hardest things about hiring a digital marketing agency?

1. Not knowing what you’re getting, or what to expect.

2. Not being sure if you’re getting results.

3. Not being sure if they’re doing the work.

That’s a lot of not knowing.

What if I told you we give you the exact plan we are going to use every month to increase your sales/grow your business? A plan that takes time to create because it is custom to you. Wouldn’t that make your decision easier?

Now, what is the hardest thing about working with a digital marketing agency?

1. Tracking where sales come from

Ever heard, “Well, we can’t track the lead that far,” when you asked to see how many sales came from the internet? Makes sense, but you still feel skeptical.

The truth? It’s very likely the lead is trackable, it just requires work and know how. We know because we do it.

When we get you leads, and you don't close them, we are just an expense to you and you'll eventually fire us.

We employ tracking that proves the quality of a lead. How? Call tracking. We can see the exact keyword that lead the person to your form submission and call, and can track outgoing calls from sales reps and incoming calls from lead sources so you can evaluate how well the call went, how to improve it, if the lead was good, and if you need sales training.

The relief in a client's voice when they trust us, the joy in a client's face when they see it work, and the satisfaction that we delivered more than they expected.


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Offers online services

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    Three words: Professional, responsive, brilliant. I needed a website for my private practice. I was nervous about self-promotion but the gents at Clarity Online immediately put me at ease. They were transparent, communicative, and got right to the point. The result? A GORGEOUS website that I could not be happier about. I never knew people noticed the details until now. My clients have told me the site is polished, inviting, and easy to navigate. Thanks, Clarity Online!
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    February 23, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    Consultation > Proposal > Payment > Plan creation & presentation > Execution > Monthly reporting > Monthly calls > Adjust plan 

    Real world, on the job training at corporate marketing agencies and small marketing agencies helping businesses grow in the most competitive markets in the world. Trained in Google Ads (PPC), SEO, & WordPress web development.

    Websites - $3500+.

    WordPress Design & Development. Fast, Mobile-friendly, optimized for Google. Every website comes optimized for technical SEO, basic On-page SEO, Google My Business profile creation and optimization, and Google Analytics & Google Search Console set up.

    SEO - $1299/month, $1999/month

    $1299 - Content based SEO, basic linkbuilding.

    $1999 - Complete SEO, content & high quality backlinking (Tier 1)

    SEO Consulting - $150/hr under 10hrs/month, $120/hr for 10+ hrs/month

    Google Ads - $499 set up, $300/month management for monthly budgets up to $2500, 20% of budgets above $2500.

    Trenton worked in the diesel truck repair industry. Unsatisfied with life, he decided to look for types of work and education that he would enjoy. He spent years building websites and helping people market their businesses for free until he could escape the diesel repair industry.

    Shane freelanced web design and various marketing services starting in 2010, while also working for various agencies until he moved to Washington and met Trenton.

    After working together on some projects, they saw an opportunity to take their shared love for helping people achieve their business goals and started Clarity Online.

    It’s been a blast for us and our clients. We constantly improve, give more than we get, and everyday look for ways to help our clients more than the day before. 

    Auto repair shops, auto dealers, ultrasound clinics, salons, spas, estheticians, orthodontists, attorneys, martial arts studios, home builders, payment processors, white labeled for other agencies, video production company, a psychologist, photographers, real estate agents, artists, roofers, asphalt companies, pot shops, CBD vendors, and many more.

    Our last day in corporate America. We tripled our work capacity and provide so much more value in a much shorter time.

    Please read our about us section in our Thervo profile for more advice.

    Do you feel confident about the agency?

    What are their reports like?

    Are they transparent with the work they do?

    Do you feel like they’re not telling you something?

    Ask for a reference or testimonial.

    Answer those questions. Use your gut, and confirm or deny with evidence.

    What do you need accomplished?

    What do you want your relationship with an agency to look like?

    What will make a few thousand dollar investment worth it?

    Will you reach your goals - more time, more money, less work - if you don’t buy?

    Is your competition actively trying to grow?

    Are their efforts better than yours?

    What happens if you don’t make the move?

    What does your sales funnel for each product/service look like?

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