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Our firm offers virtually automated A/P, A/R, Payroll and Bookkeeping Services through to Corporate and Personal Tax Preparation and Financial Planning all through triple secure cloud technology and utilizes mobile apps for bill payment approvals and time keeping for employees. We can be your back office so you can focus on your front office and making profits. Get back to doing what you love most.


10 employees
26 years in business
Serves McLean , VA

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Frequently asked questions

We have a 5 step onboarding process that involves training on our portal systems, our software and making sure each client is 100% comfortable with their new way of doing business and can access everything they need.  This can involve one on one training, video conferencing, phone calls or just question and answer sessions through email, text or the phone.  Once a client is set up, they are given to one of our expert bookkeepers and overseen by an Accounting Manager with Scheduled meetings with the Partner assigned to the account to make sure the Financial Plan is on track.  Tax Returns also take priority with a client who is signed up with our Back Office Complete software system.

All CPA's are technically trained in their field up to both VA and MD standards.  We have several CPA's who have varied expertise in all areas and can handle most any situation that arises.  Our Accounting Manager is also trained regularly on different softwares, accounting rules and new laws and regulations that arise. Our bookkeeping staff takes training twice per month with Experts in their software field to increase their knowledge and efficiencies with our systems.  We also have an extensive federal and state library of laws and regulations that we have access to to research any item that is in bill stage on capital hill all the way to laws and current amendments.

We do not have a standard pricing system that can be shared through this avenue, however, our prices are standard depending on the needs of your company and can be provided as a proposal after discussing your exact situation and what future effiencies your company would like to adapt to.

I personally knew as a young teenager that I loved accounting and persued it from an early age. My husband, whom I met in college, was a military officer which led me to many states where I learned Accounting, Managing and Leadership from a wide variety of industries across the country. Having been on the Board of Directors for a Health Care Plan company and Controller for many other companies, led me to my current passion for Craeting a firm with a Virtual Niche. Here in Northern Virginia, I hired a CPA to work for a company I was contracted with and eventually became a Partner with his firm. Upon his retirement, I became the Principal Partner of SMB Advisors and lead a staff of 10 people serving 5 major industries.

Our specialties include Service-Based Businesses, Government Contractors, Small Business Contractors, Physicians, Non-Profits, and HOA's.

Our team enjoys the holidays and decorating our office.  We have employees who dress up for Halloween and we have a fun christmas party at the end of the year.  Every day is a fun adventure here at the office or working from home.  Our CPA's travel to Nashville, TN next month to get extensive software and industry training to prepare for next year's tax season. We will be enjoying the Gaylord in style.  

If you are ready to dive into automating your company to create efficiencies and have the patience to learn new technologies, while keeping the small firm hands-on approach, then we are your team. 

1. Do I want to Build a Business that supports the life I want to live?

2.  Do I want to be able to utilize mobile or tablet solutions through cloud-based solutions that will allow me to manage my business from my pocket anywhere in the world?

3.  Do I want to simplify my business to be more focused and maneagable?

4.  Do I want to put my creative energies back into my business and outsource my back office in order to grow my business?

5.  Do I need Financial Management and Planning Services to know where my business is and where it's going?  

6.  What services do I want to outsource?  Paying Bills, Doing Payroll, Invoicing and Collecting Revenue, Inventory Tracking, Government Contract Reporting Needs.

7. What timeframe do I want to provide for the transition?  Do I want to transition slowly or quickly all at once?

8.  What increased knowledge will I need to have with regard to cloud-based computing skills?

9. Can I afford to keep doing what I'm doing and not be successful in business and in my personal life?

10. Am I ready to make a call to SMB Advisors?

Services offered

Business Tax Preparation
Individual Tax Preparation
Hr And Payroll
Financial Services And Planning