Services Guide

This is where you set up your preferences to ensure we know exactly which customers are right for you.

Your services are important.

Get the right customers.

Set your preferences to get the right customers.

Set your prices.

Setting your prices allows you respond faster; or instantly with Smart Match.

See your success

Track your new customers and spending per service.

You’re in control.

To find this section, log in and then select Services at the top of your account.


Select “Edit Settings” to set your preferences for each service and get the right customers.

Using data

Check the insights to see how you’re doing, and select a service to dive deeper into the numbers.

step 1

Let’s look at your settings.

Travel preferences

Do you travel to customers? Can customers come to you? Let us know where you work and how you usually meet with your customers.

Job preferences

Tell us what services you offer and what types of customers are right for your business.


Set your prices based on the service and other specifications, so that we can help you meet customers faster.


Tell us when you work and we will deliver customers with the right availability for you.


Your budget is how you control your spending and specify the number of new customers you want to get.

step 1

Manage how many new customers you get.

Get more customers

Adding a new service, increasing your budget, and editing your travel preferences are all ways you can increase the number of customers you get.

Taking a break

With Smart Match, you can easily Pause your account until you are ready to be matched with more customers.

step 1

Let’s Review.

Activate Smart Match

We’ll instantly introduce you to the customers you want.

Set your preferences

Tell us which customers are right for you.

Enter your prices

Let us know how and what you charge.

Set up your schedule

Add your business hours to get customers that work with your schedule.

Set your budget.

Let us know how many customers you want.

Use your insights

Track your success and learn how to improve.

Need to make update or set up your services?

Edit your services

Learn about more features.

Have more questions?

Find the answers you need or get help from our support team.

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