Rodolfo Garcia Otero, MSEd

Rodolfo Garcia Otero, MSEd

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Offers online services
Offers online services


I provide brief and effective treatments based on classical, neuropsychological, mindfulness and hypnosis clinical tools. I am developer of the most effective technique able to cope with anxiety, mood, self-esteem, sleep, sexual and anguish disorders. I am also proficient in addressing traumas.

I love helping people to stop suffering, to improve their daily living, to make them feel happier and to counsel them to their top of their potential. I enjoy patient's smile and bright on their eyes saying "thank you, I feel great now". My income is not only money; but also free souls making a better world.


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13 years in business
Serves The Bronx , NY
Offers online services

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    What I liked most about working with Rodolfo was his knowledge of various therapy models. He was always willing to teach skills that he has learned and explained thoroughly how to apply that knowledge. Hes a very knowledgeable therapist and would be an excellent educator.
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    September 05, 2020


    Jazmin B.

    Dr. Garcia Otero is very professional, understanding, and compassionate!- He is a beautiful person and he also has useful tips and resources to whatever suits your needs- I highly recommend his.
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    August 29, 2020



    Very professional and always felt comfortable sharing very private matters with him. I 100% recommended him to anyone who is seeking therapy, especially if you need to solve trauma in a quick and efficient way.
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    August 28, 2020


    Nicole S.

    Was professional and attentive.
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    August 28, 2020


    Janet C.

    Mr. Rodolfo Garcia Otero is by far the most dedicated, solution-based therapist I know. You definitely will not regret benefiting from his expertise!
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    August 28, 2020


    Pedro G.

    Very intelligent and has great experience on mental health practices. I hope I can work with him in the future and recommend him for true help.
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    August 28, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    First - Evaluation:

    I perform an intake in which I evaluate client's issues and propose the ideal shortest and most effective treatment trying to avoid psychotropic medication as much as possible.

    Second - Regular Sessions:

    Once set a fixed day and time, sessions focus on releiving and solving mental issues. Talking therapy is not enough; we are complex beings (somatic, cognitive, emotional and spiritual/phylosophical). To solve issues, all areas must be addressed at once. Besides discussing matters, sensory cognitive (neuropsychological) interventions are also needed to effectively cope with disorders. 

    Third - Treatment Termination:

    As treatment achieves goals and objectives, a termination session is performed. 

    MS Ed Counseling - Alfred University, NY, USA

    Certificate of Advanced Studies in Mental Health Counseling, Alfred University, NY, USA

    Licenciado en Psicología, Universidad Argentina John F. Kennedy, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Certificate in Eye Movement Desensitizing and Reprocessing (EMDR)

    Somatic Experiencing, Trauma Healing (3 intensive year training)

    Many neuropsychological and Eastern oriented trainings including Mindfulness and Hypnosis

    Developer of Multilevel Tone Calibration - Symptom and Trauma Management (currently under validation)

                     Individual treatment

    Evaluation and provision of Neuropsychological Exercise to improve from the very first session ($120)

    Regular sessions ($80)

    Hypnosis sessions ($120)

                     Couple therapy

    Evaluation ($160)

    Regular sessions ($120)

    I started my career in Buenos Aires, Argentina. By 2006 I travelled to the US, Pennsylvania, to work with Autistic Population. There I had to learn and train in neuropsychological perspectives to understand their particular behaviors. This experience was my foundation of a long clinical neuropsychological path through trainings and seminars. After a while, I started to develop my own tool that enabled me to be the best clinical provider in the field. Since 2008 I have been practicing in New York for 3 years at an outpatient mental health clinic. From 2010 through 2017 I have been practicing in NY and Buenos Aires. By  2017 I finally decided to settle here in NYC and kept practicing at an outpatient clinic and private practice. 

    Outpatient population suffering from any kind of psychological issues (mental disorders). I assisted Children, Adolescents, Adults, Couples and Groups. 

    Currently I am starting a validation process of my neuropsychological tool to validate it. The same tool that makes me the best practioner of the field. To validate means to put my technique on a trial under the same standards of a medication. In the whole mental health field, only EMDR has achieved this goal. I am trying to bring the second one to the scientific mainstream. 

    You need to feel comfortable and like the professional that is handling your case. The quality of your relationship with the therapist must be outstanding. If you do not feel comfortable, leave your therapist and look for another one. 

    A second advice, your therapist must be highly trained because classical education is NOT ENOUGH. Generally, classical education leads to the assistance of psychotropic medication, making you addicted to it and suffering from its side effects...

    Third and last, searching for mental health assistance should not rise shame; American cultural lifestyle use to label mental health as the worst issue. Once you take the decision to ask for psychological assistance, be possitive and do not only expect relief but also a chance to get to the top of your potential. Mental health is not just a cost; it can also open doors to wellness and happyness. 

    P.S.: If you took the decission of feeling better, do not delay action. One of the symptoms is procrastination (forwarding issues for the next day), this issue tends to keep on feeling bad endlessly. 

    Am I done with feeling miserable?

    What's stronger, feeling shame for asking for psychological aid or remaining unhappy, far from my goals? 

    Why it's eassier to call the dentist than to call a mental health professional?

    Are all professionals offering the same service? (Sure not!)

    Is this professional updated with the latest techniques?

    Is a mental health service a cost or an investment?

    Services offered