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Offers online services
Offers online services


It's simple, let us tell you what we are not first and then explain why. We are not a company that builds the "parts" of your business like a web developer or graphic designer doing your logo. We also actually know how a logo, and the name of your business, work together with your website copy to get higher SEO rankings from Google and Alexa. We can explain calls to action and page goals on your website to educate and interact with your visitors.

These working components complete a business cycle to turn visitors into customers. That's who we are and why we stand out. We optimize your brand identity and your requests have business development built-in born compliant at no extra costs saving you money and giving you the best possible chance to succeed. Your website for example is the hardest working employee you don't ever pay. It still needs the tools to do its job, not just be created anyone with a youtube education can do that.

Can you ask your average web developer or your logo designer those questions? Of course not, that's not what the average vendor does but the professionals can. You can create barriers of access to your business before even you start not knowing these proven historical facts. If you use your company name instead of your DBA and create a logo and website color theme, not for your industry this might hurt your business. Customers in your industry are used to viewing specific color schemes that create the urge to purchase in safety. Yes, there are business color schemes. Companies make billions and be clear they spend millions on their logos. Read this: https://tinyurl.com/ydbtlyh4 and 2nd article https://tinyurl.com/yboe8x25 this is basic information every professional web designer/developer and the graphic designer should know by the way.

Uniworld has been in the IT Business Development sector for over 25yrs. We support home-based, startup, small business, expanding, religious, education, and nonprofit orgs from logo to launch. Social Media and ads to sales funnels and marketing campaigns to hardware and software.

We break down the barriers of access providing Fortune 500 technology without a Fortune 500 budget. Offering discounts and financing to work with any budget.

We provide the latest disrupters in marketing and business the equalizers that level the playing field. We can translate your business into five languages, launch your business in 155+ countries, or make sure your online reputation gets positive-only reviews. Proven small business solutions that work.

Your business card should also be a call to action to help you sell products and services on your website or mobile app. Having the advantage to form a tailored comprehensive plan that pinpoints and solves customers' roadblocks even before you speak to them thats what we do every day.

Move at the speed of business today to compete and thrive. Educate, perfect, implement, repeat. We stand out because we review your business process end to end making sure your goals are exceeded. Our evaluation process exposes areas that should be addressed. We offer the best practices and disruptive technologies with techniques only used by top firms and from the most successful industry standards.

Customers first.


We provide affordable solutions for small businesses that they would not normally consider or think to be able to afford. Small businesses are in business to provide for their families. So it's important we offer the best affordable technology with the right tools keeping them up to date on what's available. Our motto is "Your Business Everywhere".

There is no reason why a small business should not be sold in multiple languages compatible with every device and available in every country accepting payments. No matter if you work from your living room, garage, kitchen, the trunk of your car, or even your smartphone. Have an office in the city or a shared workspace. Leverage what you can as soon as you can.

There are people somewhere in the world that need your product or service and they are already looking for it. We have to bridge the gap and technology is the best way to do it, but affordably.


5 employees
34 years in business
Serves Brooklyn , NY
Offers online services

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    Brian Z.

    What can I say? Over the top thrilled about the education and patience taken to explain to me things I always neglected to look into for my business. I read all the reviews before I chose this company and its the reason I did. I can add that the level of attention to the most important things your business needs is totally covered when working with them. Its sort of a rude awakening but is well worth it. I think the words exceeding expectations are appropriate but cant even cover it. Im still learning, and I do, and will continue to recommend them. We need companies and owners like them especially now.
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    June 16, 2020


    Pia P.

    Professional, informative, and speedy response time.
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    May 05, 2020


    Liz W.

    Mobility was our main focus so we reached out to Uniworld and we recommend them. Our site still wasnt mobile compliant, and I remember one of the first things Elliot said to us. He said that our website should be treated as the hardest working employee you never pay. Like every employee, we have to provide it with the tools it needs to do its job. We hadnt a clue about Google analytics, trending words geographically for ranking, targeted ads, or funnels. Our site now represents more than 32% of income reducing our outsourced marketing field contracts by half saving us crucial operating dollars. Its not magic its just doing business the way its done and it was worth the growing pains. Elliot is the best.
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    March 16, 2020



    My team was very pleased with the work Uniworld completed. They reconganized our entire organization, its the same team just different business. Our business has new outlook and vision. Outstanding!
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    March 16, 2020


    Ira S.

    The wealth of small business knowledge they taught us is priceless. We had to learn everything over but it was relatively easy to make the changes. We had a website makeover, and a rearrangement of our business. The results were amazing because they filled the gaps we missed, and replaced them with the right solution. Something I know we couldnt have done on our own. Uniworld provided our team with some needed training, we were way behind. It kind of felt we were doing business in the dark ages. You cant trust everyone with your business. We definitely recommend Uniworld.
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    March 15, 2020


    Karen W.

    Frankly, we never advertised our business on a digitally or on a large scale. Uniworld created ads and copy that changed the way we now get clients. We average over 100 new clients per year vs under10 before and for us this is everything
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    March 15, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    Usually, we are referred by a past or current client. A simple mobile form is filled out that takes about 5 minutes. The mobile form is sometimes replaced by a conversation if the client is not comfortable using one. The information from that preliminary needs assessment gets us better prepared to serve you. The process then begins.

    After reviewing your website, social media, and the overall business process we present an offer. If we agree on terms and milestones you are sent an invoice via email. The payment is completed, the agreement signed and is returned via email, and the collection of the content begins.

    We stay on schedule and on budget with the promise to deliver the product you envisioned, explained, and asked us to produce. Our work is our resume so we are only as good as our last customer that is the truth for sure.

    First Business: 14yrs Old | Second Business: 16yrs Old

    Programming Languages: HTML5 CSS C C++ Java Javascript PHP Python Wordpress

    Graphic Artist, Custom Computer Hardware & Network Design, Custom Software Design, Business Development Expert (25yrs+) Business Branding Expert, Digital Marketing Expert (Facebook Ads, Clickfunnels, Google)

    Life Experience: Music Business, Wall Street, TV Network Event Production, 20+ year Annual Sheraton Dinner Event Production, Radio Show, Video Show, Entrepreneur for 30yrs+

    A unique perspective, a small business owner, to help small business owners. We are what we successfully advise, develop, and implement. 

    Our development services start at $750 with customized professional branded graphics, and popular development projects are as follows: 

    Web Design &  Development:

    $1750 (1-10 Pages e-Commerce)*

    $2500 (11-20 Pages eCommerce)*

    $3500 (21-30 Pages eCommerce)*

    *Prices may vary depending on #of pictures, # of videos, and #of items per page for eCommerce sites. 

    Mobile Applications: $3000 (Non-Profits 50% Discount)*

    *Our Mobile Application Platform translates your business into 5 languages, launches your business in 155 countries, and is compatible with over 18,000 mobile devices. Developed for the Apple iTunes App Store and the Google Android Play Store in 12 business days. Mobile payments, appointments, customer loyalty programs, and geofencing. Geofencing is the ability to send messages to mobile devices that don't have your app. (Similar to Amber Alerts)

    Social Media

    Ads: $150ea (created for 3 platforms)

    Ads w/copy $350ea (created for 3 platforms)

    Video Ads: $350 and up (Graphics and content)

    Video Ads w/copy $550ea (created for 3 platforms)

    Funnel Campaigns: $2500 (Ad Copy & Funnel Setup)

    FB Business Mgr & FB Ads Acct Configured Setup: $299

    Social Media Accts Setup & Design: $399 (4 accounts)**

    **Includes professional custom cover graphic and profile graphics. Bonus: Training on the following: Optimal social name selection, hashtags creation and campaign, 4 professional designed ads for your business, social media automation, and show you the best times to post and tweet all in 48hrs. Over $999 Value (We recommend professional email setup or new email address) 

    Every development project is unique as a fingerprint.  Prices can be lowered or raised depending on expectations, timeline, available content, and varying needs. We screen our clients using a form to better serve you and get to the core of your needs quickly.

    Kind of a funny, not so funny story. Once I experienced trying to create a website, creating an ad, commercial, and all the things it takes to run a small business decades ago. Then watching someone you hired to show you how many ways they can produce something your not 100% satisfied with on your dime with strict direction it takes a toll. I don't need more than once to show me what I need to do. The relentless type, this for me is a simple answer to a great question. Control freaks usually want to do it themselves and this, for me, would be a true statement. I started early from the need to change my handwriting by borrowing letters from handwriting I liked eventually changing my penmanship totally. Then drawing, building computers, networking them, designing websites, programming, and many types of software. All hands-on self-taught before any training and certifications. 

    We have worked with individuals and groups who just have concepts and working from their living room, garage, and kitchen. Herbalists to lawyers, inventors to non-profits, veterans to teenagers, local and international, celebrity to every day. Small businesses expanding their business to enterprise-level firms.

    In the decades we have been in business we have experienced the spectrum and that's what's so great about what we do. It doesn't matter if you don't have any employees to 100,000. Our firm will help you. 

    Fond, is not exactly the word I would use. We have to do the best we can with what we have been dealt, much like life normally, that’s how we survive. Obviously the world has changed and I don’t mean going mobile. This pandemic has applied pressure to our families and businesses. Simultaneously being a timeout and reset. No matter what you are the expert and the goal remains. Profit over wages to help and feed our families. So now what we didn’t have time for we do now. The blind spots that existed in our business must be exposed. All screws must be tightened for success.  

    This pandemic is an opportunity for us to go back to business 101 and go over what we know works for successful businesses and apply it. If you don’t know what copy, a pixel, or a funnel has to do with your business you are probably not enjoying six figures a month like those who are. Data rules, you can’t manage what you are not measuring. Technology, automation and data pinpoints your customers, knows how to reach them, and what offers to make them.

    This event allows us to start over, using the tools we weren’t aware of, can now learn, and wasn’t invented when we started. Using experts, Youtube, and many free resources to understand. While re-creating our businesses, we can start new revenue streams, this includes webinars. The first thing you should do is ask yourself two questions. The first being “Are you in business to make money?”, and  “Would you buy from you?”. I challenge you to call us so we can go over those two questions with you. You will be very amazed.

    We have a 25+ point analysis that no business has ever completed and has hardly changed in almost three decades. We are here to help you succeed in the best and worst of times. You need what you need, to do what you need to do, that's a simple statement.

    If you don't dedicate most of your time, focus, and resources to that end progress and success is evaded. Make the call, educate your business, and prepare for new revenue and predictive income. 

    Safety, happiness, and health to everyone's family at this time. We will do everything we can to make sure your business is successful, this is business as usual for us. 


    There are more developers out there that can do the usual but not enough thinkers out there that have a preventative approach. Create something that just works is unacceptable. Something that’s organic, protected, mobile, and will adapt to future changes in the industry is what you are looking for.

    Ask them what are they doing that they consider being “preventative strategies” to ensure that over time what they create for you will stand the test of time. Changes in the industry, technology, the internet, or any global policies. 

    Ask where are they based and if the outsource out of the country. Sometimes prices can be lower for future development or projects that are more labor-intensive. Find out about the number of employees and how many people will be working on your project. This will ensure meeting deadlines. 

    Complimentary Skills

    Ask about past work experiences and acquired skillsets that might be complementary to your business. Contacts in other areas as well. Developers of all kinds cross paths with many different business types and can recommend people that they have worked within the past. The prior relationship is a great ice breaker and introduction. 

    Code Editor

    Sublime is the industry code editor. Brackets and Atom are the next two that follow. Serious programmers use Sublime almost always and the fact it costs $75 helps Brackets and ATOM are free but there are serious programmers that use the other two as well. Doesn’t weed out personality faults just an indicator of seriousness.


    The best have or use a hub. It’s an archive of code they have created over time and reuse when needed. Ask if they use Github or anything like it? How long they had one? If they say more than 5yrs then they are more than capable for many types of development.

    Yes is the best answer for the others but no isn’t a bad one either. There are many places to get code at no or low cost when needed. That’s a "Pro Check".


    Python is becoming more and more popular. Meteor is very user friendly. Knowing one of these is good, both are really great.


    Ask how skilled are they with customizing templates? Ask to show you a radical example. (Templates can be purchased for under $100. It’s the customization and uploading custom graphics, and many other things that raise the price. Selling 10 different kinds of sneakers require 40-50 pictures sized and in the right format. Think about Eastbay and Footlocker) That takes time to do. Do you also get a choice of templates? (At least 3)

    1st Question Last

    Can they explain how is the website going to help my business overall immediately and in the long term? Like retain customers, make it easier for new visitors to educate themselves, and decide to do business with me? Will it enable your business to create new income streams? 

    The more experienced will have definitive answers immediately. The generic answer is "That's not what we do, we are just developing the digital concept". 

    Know the lingo no matter what business you are in. When I talk to dealerships I Google "Dealership Lingo" and get the Car Dealership Dictionary of Automobile Dealer Terminology. If you think I'm joking and there is no such thing, Google it.

    If you know the lingo you decrease your chances of someone raising the price because you don't know what you are talking about or sound like it. Get a college or high school student to explain the terms of its technology and make Youtube your go-to as well for an explanation. This is why those questions above are so widespread in subject matter.

    Pick up a book, ask a friend or relative, any resource you can find. Just find out what you need. I have a saying, I mentioned part of it. Here it is complete:  "You need what you need, to do what you need to do. If you don't dedicate most of your time and money success isn't in your future because you are not doing what others will not."

    You just have to learn the premise of how something works or what lingo to use when it's needed, not everything. Provide yourself with some kind of knowledge base. If you know what you need and can explain it "in their language" and they can't provide it, you have dodged several valuable bullets and expensive lessons my friend.

    I know some clients that could buy homes on the mistakes they made its not a good feeling.

    Services offered

    Business Consulting
    Marketing Agency
    Social Media Marketing
    Logo Design
    Graphic Design
    Web Design
    Software Development