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Uniworld has been in the IT Business Development sector for over 25yrs. We support home based, startup, small business, expanding businesses, religous, education, and nonprofit orgs from logo to launch. Social Media and ads to sales funnels and marketing campaigns. 

We break down the barriers of access providing Fortune 500 technology without a Fortune 500 budget. Offering discounts and financing to work with any budget.

We provide the latest disrupters in marketing and business the equalizers that level the playing field. We can translate your business into five languages, launch your business in 155+ countries, or make sure your online reputation gets positive only reviews. Proven small business solutions that work. 

Your business card should be a call to action to help you sell products and services on your website or mobile app.  Having the advantage to form a tailored comprehensive plan that pinpoint solves customers roadblocks even before you speak them is what we do everyday.

Move at the speed of business today to compete and thrive. Educate, perfect, implement, repeat.

Customers first.


We provide affordable solutions for small businesses that they would not normally consider or think to be able to afford. Small businesses are in business to provide for their families. So its important we offer the best affordable technology with the right tools keeping them up to date on whats available. Our motto is "Your Business Everywhere".

There is no reason why a small business should not be selling in multiple languages compatible on every device and available in every country accepting payments. No matter if you work from your livingroom, garage, kitchen, trunk of your car, or even your smartphone. Have an office in the city or use a shared work space. Leverage what you can as soon as you can.

There are people somewhere in the world that need your product or service and they are already looking for it. We have to bridge the gap and technology is the best way to do it, but affordably.

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What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

Usually we are referred to by a past or current client. A simple mobile form is filled out that takes about 5 minutes. We contact you ready to deliver a tailored solution after our preliminary needs assessment is completed.

Reviewing your website, social media, and overall business process. We agree on terms and milestones. You are sent an invoice via email, the payment and signed agreement is returned, and the process begins. We aim to deliver on schedule and on budget everytime becoming a longtime customer.

What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

First Business: 14yrs Old | Second Business: 16yrs Old

Programming Languages: HTML5 CSS C C++ Java Javascript PHP Python Wordpress

Graphic Artist, Computer Hardware Assembly & Network Design, Custom Software Design, Business Development Expert (25yrs+) Business Branding Expertise, Digital Marketing Expert (Facebook Ads, Clickfunnels, Google, etc)

Life Experience: Music Business, Wall Street, Network Event Production, 20+ year Sheraton Holiday Dinner Event Production, Radio Show, Video Show, Entreprenuer for 30yrs+

Starting as an entreprenuer with my first business at 14 and using the same logo today I created at 16 and as of today in business for over almost 3 decades. The key to success is perspective with experience on Wall Street, as a graphic artist, building brands, designing sneakers, building computers and servers, then programming them. Leveraging the internet for 25yrs, building websites and mobile apps I think I have seen it all.

Uniworld has been serving the small business and nonprofit community while having businesses with family and friends at the same time. Anyone can start a business and get a few professionals to build the tools like a website, app, and photoshop a logo. Can they be effective advisors is the question by asking the right questions.

Does your website meet the Google Mobility policy set in 2015 and have any calls to action? Site contain google analytics? Using trends.google.com to help market your business? Are you using the right colors for your industry? Or have a hex code you use to brand your business? Is your URL 12 letters or less and is it private? Is it the right URL for branding purposes?

Is the top 2 inches of your website working for your business? Are selected employees with company branded social media accounts using social media schedules to help promote your business? How about a hashtag strategy? Using influencers in your industry? Does your company publish eBooks for your industry to drive business?

What are your funnel and Facebook ads campaign strategies for 2019? How are you using QR codes? Did you know a mobile app can translate your business in 5 languages instantly? Is your app published in more than 155 countries? Is it compatible with 18,000 devices, laptops and desktops? Do you use geofencing? How about weekly email campaigns? What project software does your organization use?

After reading all these questions knowing that the best of your industry uses ALL of these tools and more. Would you buy from you? Noone knows everything but there should always be a conversation about whats available, affordable, and crucial for your business that makes it easier for clients to access you.

Then educate themselves and purchase on the go accepting payments 24hrs a day. No more learning curves, time or money wasted. Needs, goals, and solutions. DONE. Being "certified" and "trained" means nothing if you cant make the wisest decisions using both your talent and experience. What really works in the field and is proven with data that backs it up.

Do you have a standard pricing system for your services? If so, please share the details here.

Our services vary but start at $500 and go up from there.  We have financing available we work with any budget. All sales are final once a payment has been made. If dissatisfied we will make sure you are accommodated to your satisfaction.

We provide discounts for the military, schools, churches, non-profit orgs, law enforcement, seniors, and child related companies. Everything is terms and conversation and networking are free. 

If you are a nonprofit organization if you have an IRS Letter of Determination or EIN we can verify we can provie you with extensive discounts. 

We are here to help small business, period.

How did you get started in this business?

Some Background: Always a reader and and resourceful interested on how something works from computers to business. People started asking me questions about an array of things and I realized could be a business. So at 16 created a logo and still use it today.

The Uniworld name is based off a business me and my friends started when I was 14. Uniclean Building Maintence Corp a home and office cleaning company we modeled after one of the founders older brothers business. Borrowed $800 from a parent. Spray painted a van black, bolted crates in the back, and purchased cleaning materials. You just cant make this up.

That business partially funded by our original business just before that. That was to ride around the neighborhood asking for peoples rusted bikes and bike parts in the driveways and garages so we can restore and assemble bikes for other children. They gladly parted with them because it was clutter but to us it was gold. The price was $30 for any type so everyone could get one. So I have always been in some type of business.

During those two businesses I bagged groceries at the local chain grocery store my family owned and had two paper routes. In my 20's I was carrying around a MAC Classic in a backpack knocking on business door to business door. I was doing logo concepts so small businesses could save money bringing a concept to a professional graphic design artist. Which I wasnt at the time for an affordable $100 a pop on the spot.

Graffiti brought me to graphic design. Owning a business at a young age to an adult made me understand small business from scratch. Wall Street to radio and tv, vendor at expos, and kiosk cart vendor at Port Authority in NYC 25yrs ago. Building computers wanted me to program them and then market the business using them. All links in a chain that led me to what I do today.

I think I present a unique perspective. All tools that I use to help your business succeed on a budget.

#WeAreUniworld @UniworldBiz

What types of customers have you worked with?

We have worked with individuals and groups who just have concepts and working from their livingroom, garage, and kitchen. Small businesses expanding their business to enterprise level. Herbalists to lawyers, inventors to non-profits, veterans to teenagers, local and international, celebrity to everyday. In the decades we have been in business we have experienced the spectrum and thats whats so great about what we do. 

Describe a recent event you are fond of.

CES Show, Grant Cardone 10X Growth Conference, and a Hashgraph event. The first two might be obvious after you google them but for the last 5yrs everyone has been talking about Blockchain. Yes it changed the world 10,000x before anyone was even aware of it but Hashgraph changed the universe 5yrs ago already when Blockchainers were blinded and not even looking.

Hashgraph is "asynchronous byzantine fault tolerant" (google that) which blockchain is not. This generation will guarantee a furture that will get us to the future yesterday and planetory exploration in our lifetime. When you add the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind with currency and precious metals. Excited cant be the right word because this is a great time to be alive and living in.

What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a pro in your area of expertise?


There are more developers out there that can do the usual but not enough thinkers out there that have a preventative approach. Create something that juust works is unacceptable. Something that’s organic, protected, and will avoid future changes in the industry is what you are looking for. Ask them what are they doing that they consider to be “preventative strategies” to ensure that over time what they create for you will stad the test of time and changes in the industry, technology, or any policies. 

Ask where are they based and if the outsource out of the country. Sometimes prices can be lower for future development or projects that are more labor intensive. Find out about the number of employees and how many people will be working on your project. This will ensure meeting deadlines. 

Complimentary Skills

Ask about past work experiences and acquired skillsets that might be complimentary to your business. Contacts in other areas as well. Developers of all kinds cross path with many different business types and can recommend people that they have worked with in the past. The prior relationship is a great ice breaker and introduction. 

Code Editor

Sublime is the industry code editor. Brackets and Atom are the next two that follow. Serious programmers use Sublime almost always and the fact it costs $75 helps Brackets and ATOM are free but there are serious programmers that use the other two as well. Doesn’t weed out personality faults just an indicator of seriousness.


The best have or use a hub. It’s an archive of code they have created over time and reuse when needed. Ask if they use Github or anything like it? How long they had one? If they say more than 5yrs then they are more than capable for many types of development.

Yes is the best answer for the others but no isn’t a bad one either. There are many places to get code at no or low cost when needed. That’s a "Pro Check".


Python is becoming more and more popular. Meteor is very user friendly. Knowing one of these is good, both is really great.


Ask how skilled are they with customizing templates? Ask to show you a radical example. (Templates can be purchased for under $100. It’s the customization and uploading custom graphics, and many other things that raise the price. Selling 10 different kinds of sneakers require 40-50 pictures sized and in the right format. Think about Eastbay and Footlocker) That takes time to do. Do you also get a choice of templates? (At least 3)

1st Question Last

Can they explain how is the website going to help my business overall immediately and in the long term? Like retain customers, make it easier for new visitors to educate themselves, and decide to do business with me? Will it enable your business to create new income streams? 

The more experienced will have definitive answers immediately. The generic answer is "Thats not what we do, we are just develop the digital concept". 

What questions should customers think through before talking to pros about their needs?

Know the lingo no matter what business you are in. When I talk t dealerships I Google "Dealership Lingo" and get the Car Dealership Dictionary of Automobile Dealer Terminology. If you think Im joking and there is no such thing, Google it.

If you know the lingo you decrease your chances of someone raising the price because you dont know what you are talking about. Get a college or high school student to explain the terms if its technology. This is why those questions above are so wide spread in subject matter.

Pick up a book, ask a friend or relative, go to youtube, or any resource you can find. Just find out what you need. I have a saying, "You need what you need to do what yo need to do. If you dont dedicate most of your time and money success isnt in your future because you are not doing what others will not."

You just have to learn the premise of how something works or what lingo to use when its needed. Provide yourself with some kind of knowledge base. If you know what you need and can explain it "in their language" and they cant provide it you, you have dodged several valuable bullets and expensive lessons my friend.

I know some clients that could buy homes on the mistakes they made its not a good feeling.