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Helping Hearts Heal

Offers online services
Offers online services


As the Founder and Owner of Helping Hearts Heal, during therapy sessions, I work very intuitively, with an open, loving heart and accurate perception. I intently listen on various levels as I monitor body language, emotions and energy field. I listen, simultaneously, to what you are saying and also to what you are not saying. Eye contact is very important to me. ( If a client struggles with eye contact, we can work on this in the session.)

I am holistic and have a strong belief in the Mind, Emotions, Body and Spirit (MEBS) connection. Therefore, I assess the viability of each client's MEBS connection and then work energetically to heal it, weaving it together so it is strong, optimal, balanced, and harmonious. I am results-oriented and desire my clients to feel, and actually experience, positive, goal-oriented results within each session.

After 27 years of passionately working as a holistic therapist, I continue to LOVE my work of helping clients heal their hearts from past and present emotional and mental wounds. I believe my love and passion for helping others heal, forgive and permanently release hurtful, traumatic experiences is even greater now than when I began as a therapist. I attribute this to my high success rate of obtaining the client's goals within each session, along with my strong ability to customize each session and modality utilized, fostering the quickest and deepest relief and healing possible within each session.

EMDR is my most widely used therapeutic modality due to its accurate success rate, uncanny healing/clearing ability and permanent results. I most widely use it to heal abuse (physical, sexual, verbal and emotional), the root causes of PTSD, fears/phobias, performance and test taking anxiety, addictions (food, drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol, etc.), rage, low self -esteem, relationship conflict, money issues and depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

In session, I feel it is vital to discover the "root" of a symptom (i.e., addictions, rage, depression, anxiety, fear, compulsivity, self sabotaging behaviors, and relational conflict), so that the foundation of the issue is healed instead of stopping at only addressing and releasing the symptom. If the root of an issue is not discovered and healed, than either another layer of the same symptom, or a different symptom, will rise up in the client's life. Being able to find and heal the root of issues is what yields true, permanent results, fostering within the client freedom, empowerment, joy, a more authentic self and real love (for self, for others and from others).

My foundational belief is that everything, and everyone, can be healed. This is my expectation for each and every client. What I ask of each client, in return, is to be as open and honest as you are able and to be truly desirous of healing. I request that my clients make healing and transformation in their life a very high priority, demonstrating it with a high level of commitment. I feel I match this high level of priority and commitment regarding my clients and within their sessions. As a result of this mutual high priority and commitment, along with the intention for healing, releasing and forgiveness, a divine healing space is created and miracles happen quite frequently within client sessions.

I am international and use Skype or phone for non-local clients. My non-local clients experience the same positive, permanently healing and transformative results as my local clients. I enjoy working with men and women of all ages, cultures, ethnicity, religious backgrounds and sexual orientation (LGBTQ+), within individual and/or relationship/marital sessions.

What I enjoy about being a facilitator of healing, a holistic therapist, and my Helping Hearts Heal business is difficult to narrow and choose because I really do LOVE so many different aspects of all of it. However, after a bit of introspection, what brings me the most enjoyment is deeply connecting with people, both locally and all over the world, with a mutual goal of facilitating their permanent healing and to be able to witness their transformational process, along with the personal growth, expansion and joy that occurs within their being and life. It is truly miraculous! It is such an honor and privilege for me to be a part of this wonderous, life changing and life giving process. I am wonderfully blessed. I strongly desire for you to be blessed, empowered and joyful as well!


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Offers online services

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I first assess if we are a positive therapeutic fit for each other to work together regarding the (potential) client's issues by talking to the person, or couple, over the phone for approximately 20 minutes.  There is no charge for this initial phone assessment meeting.  I will listen to what the potential client desires to heal in therapy and the life changes he or she desires to achieve.  I will explain some of my background (personal and professional), how I work collaboratively with my clients and continue to assess their needs, strengths and therapy goals within each session.  I will explain that I am results driven, along with monitoring the pace of the session and healing.  I can, and will, go as quick as the clients will allow me to go which depends upon their desire for change and ability to embrace healing, along with letting go of what is no longer serving them.  


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