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Offers online services
Offers online services


I’m a designer, artist, entrepreneur. I love helping people launch their ideas, businesses and brands. I’m the owner of Platzer Media. We work globally with data centers in USA, Europe and SE Asia. Can also relay to 250 additional hubs for faster load times. We work with startups, entrepreneurs, artists and your local corner store, food truck or multinational businesses in up to 56 languages. If all you have is an idea or your global enterprise is facing a downward spiral on the stock markets I will lend you my ear, asses your dilemma and offer a solution with a sliding scale price tag 🏷. What have we done lately? I received "Best Small Business Storyteller 2019" Award from Alignable. Sold a domain name to Israel for 500 bucks yesterday. Helped an international women’s organization launch their International Congress in Stockholm Sweden. Tomorrow meeting with a Chicago property management company about their new website. Long range projects include helping a rapper launch a recording company, founding a music startup in Los Angeles, a medical startup in Chicago and a dinner theater in Melbourne. These are just a few cool samples I'm proud of. Oh 😮 you must check out our new AI powered MagiSiteTM at WWW.PLATZER.MEDIA that site also links to some of our other sites.

I love it when I can help someone realize their dreams. Getting a young, or old too for that matter, to get their branding on track, launching their website and help them flourish. Supporting and recommending improvements. In todays fast paced IT environment there's no time to rest on your laurels if you want to stay relevant. It's rewarding to have clients staying with us year after year.


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Offers online services

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    Frequently asked questions

    Phone, email or Zoom interview, establishing project scope, time and budget. Presenting a project proposal. 

    Engineering, Art and design studies at multiple schools and universities in Europe and USA. Have also lectured at SAIC School of Design. Awards for Illustration, Design and Art Direction. Featured in articles, books, print and film interviews. Exhibited at National Museum of Fine art of Sweden. Recently at the See | Me show at the World Trade Center NYC. At the Gold Coast Exhibit in Chicago I earned an "Honorable Award" and I had to decline Chicago Tribune's offer to become a full time employee.

    Product pricing (domain registration, email, security, server platforms etc.) is available at Design is estimated or quoted on project basis. We are also open to client prefernces. Always aiming for win-win scenarious.

    Resigned as Sr. Art Director for a Design firm and started my own design company. 

    Individuals, advertising agencies, institutions, non-for-profits and corporations. Mostly small to medium size businesses. 

    Here are a few examples. Visual branding for a construction company in Stockholm Sweden. Yesterday submitted final touches on website and branding for a new dinner theatre incorporating virtual reality in Melbourne Australia. Branding and website for a restaurant in Chicago USA. We're taking first steps in setting up a web design studio in Accra Ghana. I personally love the ability to work anywhere on this planet simultaneously. I just started a European trip and am currently negotiating a website for a coffee shop in Uppsala Sweden. Yes I'm fully vaccinated and tested negative before takeoff from Chicago. But you don't have to meet in person, Zoom meetings are often better and more efficient than in person meetings. 

    Think through your project scope, budget and timeline. What materials can you provide and specify the deliverables you expect. Be transparent and communicate. It's not you vs. them, it's teamwork. You're creating something together, building your trust and respect for each other, creating win/win outcomes.

    Everybody would love the top of the line product ASAP at a bargain price. That's the time, quality and price paradigm. Pick two because you can never have all three. In other words, if you're in a hurry you have to pay more to receive a quality product. On the other hand if you're okay with a basic cookie cutter website you can get it fast at a decent price. 

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