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Vladimir Miletic, MD

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Offers online services
Offers online services


As mindfulness is becoming more popular there is an ever-expanding number of new teachers to choose. There are a few reasons why I stand out:

- I've been a practicioner for a decade before deciding to teach others

- I'm a medical doctor and psychotherapist, which gives me a unique set of tools to deal with many issues that may come up when someone is just starting out with mindfulness

- Because of my medical and psychological knowledge, I am able to tailor my teachings to address specific issues such as anxiety or panic attacks or depression, etc.


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Offers online services


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Tonya V.

Dr. Miletic helped me deal with my panic attacks. At this point Ive been without them for 6 months!
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January 14, 2020



Dr. Vladimir is knowledgeable and professional and overall a nice guy. I live in Germany and he is in Miami and he was flexible with the time difference. What I enjoyed the most is how organized he is as a life coach and he wont let you wobble around and avoid the core problems.
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September 02, 2019


Georgina B.

The way Vladimir teaches mindfulness is more of an introspective journey than a mere mind training technique. At times it was pretty intense and Im grateful to him for helping me tease out some things I pushed aside. Hes dedicated and careful and really helps you get to the core of the issue at hand. I cant recommend him enough. I feel like I see things more clearly.
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September 02, 2019


Anna K.

Vladimirs online mindfulness coaching really helped me with my anxiety and agoraphobia. Somehow he successfully combines being both patient and gentle without having to sugarcoat his words. It was most important that I felt safe to go really deep because I knew hed be there with me.
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August 12, 2019

Frequently asked questions

I'm a firm beliver that each client deserves a custom-made approach, within professional boundaries. During our first meeting, I like to set some time to understand the issue or issues we will be working on, and to outline some general rules about our collaboration. In my experience, negotiating the rules in good faith is usually the best way to start your journey of self-discovery and change.

When contancting me, some of my clients if I send them a list of topics to thing about and to prepare for prior to our session, so when you contact me, feel free to ask for that if you feel you need it. Others prefer to improvise, which can be incredibly rewarding as well.

I addition to my medical degree, I've spent six years studying psychotherapy and counseling at the Serbian Constructivist Association after which I spent 4 years supervising young therapists and teaching psychotherapy and coaching psychology. My approach is primarily based on personal construct psychology, narrative psychology and contemporary psychoanalysis.

Two years ago, I became certified as mindfulness coach in the US, and since I've expanded my work to include life-coaching based on mindfulness. Prior to getting my coaching certification, I've been practicing and teaching mindfulness for a decade.


Depending on the service I provide (life-coaching, psychotherapy or mindfulness instruction) I have different rates. 

I was always very curious about how our problems evolve and how different people evolve entirely different worldviews. We can look at the same object and see completely different things. Being a life-coach and a therapist allows me to share other people's journey of change and empower them to take charge of their lives. 

While I was still in medical school and while I was doing my psychiatry rotation, I was struck by the suffering our minds can cause and it quickly became clear to me that this is what I was drawn to the most. The desire to help others to change and thrive is as powerful now as it was back then.


As a life-coach I mostly work with people who want to recognize and utilize their potentials, whether it's to be their best self at work, in school, as a parent or in any other significant role. A large portion of my clients deal with ADHD as well as with anxiety.

I teach mindfulness to people from all walks of life and as psychotherapist, I mostly work with people who deal with depression, loss, OCD, and many other issues.

It's important to note that I work only with clients ages 16 and up, and that I don't teach mindfulness or do psychotherapy with clients who are currently suicidal and/or have a diagnosis of a psychotic disorder. This is due to the fact that I travel a lot and therefore work online exclusively. This way of working has great advantages for both me and my clients, but I find that it's important to respect its limitations as well. If you have any doubts about whether I am the right person for you, please feel free to ask!

In 2018 I attended a retrospective exbition of the works of Hilda auf Klimt at the Guggenheim in NYC and it was quite an experience.

In 2019, the recent IPA conference in London was in many ways very important for my professional development.

If you are looking for a coach or a mindfulness teacher, make sure they have proper training and experience. As the market demands more and more life-coaches and mindfulness teachers, it's becoming more important than ever for clients to be vigilant and careful about the professionals they plan to hire. 

For mindfulness teachers in particular, I think it's highly important that you find someone who has had a lot of experience with their personal practice, and in addition to having been certified to teach mindfulness your teacher should have good knowledge of human psychology, otherwise even though they may have the best of intentions, they can do a lot of harm.

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