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We are a full service ad agency who does all of their own produciton. We specialize in video content and have packages that include video prouction in the monthly retainer.

We love to create clear and effective pieces for our clients. There is no bigger thrill when our clients call us and tell us that people are seeing and responding to their ads.

I have been in the industry for over 25 years. Here is our website. we are located in Boca Raton, Florida and we service the entire continental United States. We local, clients, national clients and some international clients.

We service all size companies and we are here to help you grow your business.


9 employees
6 years in business
Serves Boca Raton , FL

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    Most professional team with outstanding skills and talents! It was very easy to work with SM media team: they were always on-time and on-budget, Providing an excellent customer service.
    Very impressed.
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    February 21, 2022

    Juliette M.

    They did all my branding for my foot spa Rapa Nui. They created a go to market strategy to help grow my business. I was very happy with all ideas and creativity. They were super helpful and understood exactly what I needed.
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    February 21, 2022

    Andrew G.

    They have been a great part of our company. THey started with us in 2008 when we hired them to design a postcard. 14 years later, they are our full fledged marketing department. They ended up doing our logo, website, marketing plan, tv commercials, billboards. If our name is on it they did it. I highly recommend them.
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    February 21, 2022

    Steve F.

    I interviewed Salvatore and his crew back in 2003 when we were looking for a company to create a product catalogue for us. Since then these guys have done everything for all four of my companies. All of our logos, product packaging, videos, photography, print ads and I could go on. If you can afford the best, then you need to talk to these guys.
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    February 21, 2022

    Frequently asked questions

    We cater to our clients. Clients that are on retainer live in the land of yes with us. We focus on delivering effecitve material, honoring the client's vision and making the client happy. It is all about clear communication. It's about listening to the client and really understanding their, dreams, concerns and what excites them. Below are a few steps in our process.

    1) We learn the clients goals, mindset and expectations.

    2) We establish a budget that is truly comfortable for the business owner. 

    3) We delvelop a plan that will bring the best result based on the budget. 

    4) We deliver impeccable creative that is clear, clever and memorable. 

    5) We launch the creative to the client's specific market.

    6) We measure the results, enhance the campaigns strengths and minimize any weaknesses we discover.

    All of our reccommendations are based on data. 

    Along the way it is important to us that our client feels comfortable with every decision and approval that he or she makes during the process. We always answer our phones, and if we are tied up we get back right away. 

    BS in architecture (not a licensed architect)

    20 years as a creative director.

    Award winning filmmaker for the feature film Matched, now on Amazon Prime, Tubi and 73 other platforms worldwide. 

    Singer songwriter, over 200 orginal songs written and recorded in our studio. Studio engineer as well. 

    25 Years in marketing and advertising

    25 Years in graphic design, photography, copywriting and all other creative production elements.

    Every client needs different levels of service. Some clients hire us for a simple project, others have us on a monthly retainer with several campaigns in motion at once. No potential client is insignificant. You never know when you might be with the next Steve Jobs.

    I was recruited by a creative a director at my first job at a company called the Advertising Company. They were located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  I knew after a few short months I would have my own shop. One year later, I opened my own place called Perfect Printing. We specialized in creating print ads and it went up from there. 

    Local businesses - Sicilian Oven 13 years

    National - Barlow Builders years 

    International - Starbucks 4 years - BMW 1 year - Sparktacular Fireworks and Pyrotechnics - 18 years

    Industries span from - retail, to food, to real estate development (not realtors) to automotive, to entertainment, to the luxury market, to film, to the financial sector. 

    There are three things that must be a match when hireing a compnay like ours. 

    1) Can you find a piece of work on their website that resonnates with you?

    It doesn't have to be the same industry, the asthetics must speak to you. If you don't see a style that somewhat speaks to your vision, chances are you will not be happy with the work you receive. 

    2) Can you afford the level agency you are looking at?

    Be prepared to pay. Ad agencies are not cheap, and they know their value. Different level agencies have wildly different rates, and this does not always reflect the quality of work. Small businesses should seek out boutique agencies, where large companies should seek out large agencies. It is relative. A great boutique agency can produce the same quality work as a large agency, they just can handle the volume of work. 

    So have a budget in mind, calulate how much of your annual sales you can spend on Advertising and that is your budget. (1% - 3% - 8% etc.) For example Real estated developers spend 6% of thier sales on marketing. 

    Do they produce their own work?

    Some agencies are comprised of a couple of art directors, they work from home and outsource all of the work. Others have offices or studios and they produce their work inhouse. You want the agency who produces their own work. The reason is that they have control over the result, and they will have far more flexibility with deadlines, readlines and pricing. 

    One question - Can you explain your process to me?

    This will reveal everything. If the person you are speaking with can easily, clearly and quickly describe the process, and answer questions that arise along the way, that is great sign. This indicates that will not be winging it, like freelancers do. 

    Services offered

    Marketing Agency
    Social Media Marketing
    Logo Design
    Graphic Design
    Presentation Design