Employment Law

Federal and state governments have enacted various employment laws protecting employees from unfair labor practices, discriminatory treatment, unsafe conditions, and more. This section provides resources covering all phases of the employment process. We'll cover privacy laws, wage laws, workplace safety, family leave policies, and advice on hiring an employment law attorney.

Employee Rights


Here is everything you need to know about insubordination so that you can take proactive action, ensuring greater productivity and long-term success.
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Bereavement Leave

Bereavement leave is when a close relative has died, an employee can take time off work. Do employees get time off, or get paid? Here is what you need to know.
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What is a Grievance?

At work, a grievance refers to a formal employee complaint based on a violation of contract or policy. Learn about filing a grievance, the laws, and what it means.
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Doctors Note for Work Law

If you're wondering what a doctor's note for work is, the laws around the process, and how it relates to the workplace, this guide is for you. Learn more today.
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Employment Law: The Complete Guide

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