Somata Massage

Somata Massage

Katherine Smith

Denver, CO


Responds within hours

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I do deep tissue massage based on structural integration principles, as well as medical massage. I work within my client's pain tolerance to make their massage as comfortable as possible, working slowly and going in by layers. I specialize in lower back and hip issues to relieve chronic pain.

I put plenty of time between massages so that I have time to focus on my client and find out what they want and need by asking questions and doing assessments.

I also offer packages with discounts and a monthly membership for $55 per month. 

I love everything about what I do! I enjoy problem solving when clients come in with tough challenges, and I love making people feel better because I make changes in their tissues. My clients have longer lasting results because I use structural integration techniques and principles. 


Massage Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Swedish Massage


Denver, CO 80226

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  • Karen Greene

    Katherine was wonderful and I am definitely going back to her.

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