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We work tirelessly to support our clients into a happier place. We use a whole range of therapeutic processes to create a model that fits each person that comes to us looking for support. Our "RESTART" programme is a unique and highly effective customized therapeutic programme that fits around every type of issue. Depression, anxiety, trauma, and life jams.

With over 25 years of experience supporting people out of every conceivable life blockage, we are very confident we can help you.

We never charge for the first session and only work with people that are ready and committed to making a transition into a happier, fulfilling and productive life.

We are absolutely passionate about supporting you into happier more positive reflections of yourself. Our life journey often contains events and traumas totally not of our making. Bad environments, abuse, and bullying. Ineffective and abusive parenting and unloving emotionally cold partners.

All these and many more examples can generate a state of mind that is not of your making. So why live a life that does not belong to you? why accept a reflection of yourself that is not yours? Why do you keep on trying to squeeze into a square box someone else made for you?

It's time to make a change. Time to challenge what you accept as your "everyday" time to see if you can reconnect to the person you should be instead of the person your past has made you.

it is our absolute passion to see that light of recognition turn on. That "oh yea" moment that we have witnessed time and time again when you realize that you actually have a choice about the life your living now.

Are you ready to make that change?


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    Steven H.

    I’ve had some life long issues that have plagued me. Suffered heavy depression, crippling anxiety. Very low self esteem. I’ve had bouts of therapy, but always felt I was just another dollar bill. I connected to Arkesie and worked with Jimi and it was a revelation. For the first time I actually felt listened to. It was like the most refreshing experience. It has made such a difference to every thought and action. I actually feel in control for the first time in a long time. Can not recommend highly enough
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    February 18, 2019


    Maria C.

    Put me at ease straight away. I was a little nervous. Id never contacted anyone about my problems before. Im so glad I found you guys. Cant tell you how different I feel. Thank you so much
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    February 18, 2019


    Jackie G.

    Listened intently and understood everything i was saying. Never gave up on me. Gave me some great ideas and a deeper understanding of myself and why i was struggling. Thanks to Jimi, i was able to pick up and move on. No words are enough thanks
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    January 28, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    My first session is always free, after which we agree a planed series of sessions (usualy 3) after which we agree what we are going to do, how we are going to do it, what the outcomes could be. Then we review at the end of three sessions.

    BA Hons in Counseling Psycotherapy

    MA In counseling Psychotherapy

    Diploma in CBT 

    My training includes courses on the following:

    Placment with fostering teams (as a student) providing support for foster carers, then placed as a therapist for children and young adults in the care system.

    Psychotherapist for a church based outreach programme to young people and adults ultimatly being employed to provide counseling, training programmes and supervision for a team of 20 staff.

    Lead therapist for a not for profit organisation providing and developing counselling / theraputic programmes for a wide range of interventions including supprt for abuse victims, substance abuse, anger and behaviour issues.

    Over 20 years of private practice offering counselling psychotherapy. 

    There is no charge for the first session. If we agree to work together we charge 45 per session (45 minutes) this includes access to our online resources and guided step programme. 

    My personal journey began as a very young child. I grew up knowing I was "different" that I could "feel" people and their emotions. It was a very natural progression for me as I attracted people that would open up about their lives and events. As I grew, I became an avid reader of therapeutic models and became very useful to people seeking me out to share their issues with me. 

    After high school, I attended university to undertake a degree in counseling psychotherapy then went on to undertake a Masters. 

    working as a practitioner in government mental health organizations for some years before developing my own private practice.

    I support a very wide range of people. From young adults looking for support while they transition and navigate through life, people who have become stuck through past trauma or abuse and business people who have lost passion and drive. 

    I do not subscribe to a "Type" that said the people that I have had great success with are those that are stuck, who want to become "unstuck" 

    The glue is different for everyone but it has the same effect. 

    During my journey, music played a significant role. In fact, I played and recorded music throughout my life. During the last many years it's a part of me that became sidelined for reasons of practicality and access. Playing music always gave me immense release. It allowed me to explore a purely creative, expressive part of me. As things have changed I was able to revisit this most precious, life-affirming part of me.

    After going through all my old and mothballed music gear I realized most of it had become broken or totally out of date. Scouring the classifieds to find replacements and slowly putting together everything I needed. I visited a music shop to get a few last bits. Walking into the shop and being recognized was just an amazing experience. To have a long lost part of me validated and acknowledged.   

    That event totally underpinned what I do for people. The reason I love what I do, the reason why I never give up on the people I support. It's to be there for that moment when it all makes sense. 

    The one most important question is "are you ready" There is no point spending money and committing time unless you really want to push through whatever is stopping you. 

    You need to work with someone you connect to, someone who gives you at least the first session free so you can see if it is someone you can connect to.

    Services offered

    Family Therapy
    Relationship Counseling