David Shapiro, Ph.D.

David Shapiro, Ph.D.

Offers online services
Offers online services


Are you unsatisfied with one or more areas of your life? I partner with my clients to empower them to make the changes necessary to bring their realities in line with the lives they truly want. In this way, I collaborate with each individual, couple, and family with whom I work to craft their own individualized success plans. To accomplish this, I draw upon years of experience, as well as a very strong foundation of training in a range of techniques and strategies. Perhaps equally important are the personal qualities that I bring, which include intelligence, genuineness, compassion, and a commitment to the highest standards.

I offer a range of types of therapies, often combining several, depending on the particular needs of each client. These include short term interventions designed to provide quick symptom relief and behavioral change, as well as longer-term approaches that aim at helping to extend these changes into a fulfilling life.

Entrusting another person to help with your most sensitive issues isn't easy. Please know that I will honor you with the level of care, concern, and commitment you deserve. I will always act in your best interest, helping you to overcome those things that are holding you back.

After years running a thriving in person practice, I now offer the same high quality psychotherapy online. My services are considered out of network for PPO Insurance. I am an Ivy League trained Psychologist who is dedicated to provide high quality psychotherapy to adults, teens, couples, and families. Having expertise in a variety of treatment approaches and techniques, each case receives an individualized plan that focuses on promoting positive changes on a variety of levels, ranging from improvements in emotional management, coping strategies, interpersonal communication, self-esteem, health and wellness promotion, and much more. My goal is to empower the people with whom I work to establish skills and practices that enables them to make remarkable lasting changes quickly. One unique feature of my practice is that I am a traditionally trained Psychologist who has received intensive instruction and mentoring in combining clinical hypnosis and mindfulness promotion with traditional psychotherapy. As a result, my clients benefit from strategically working with consciousness to support the application of the skills and behavioral changes being worked on in therapy. Rather than listing all the conditions I treat, I will say that I can handle complex and challenging situations, that I have a reputation for helping people who haven't been satisfied with prior therapists, and if I don't feel I can help a person I will assist them in finding someone who can.


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

When someone reaches out to me to explore working together I attempt to contact them by email, text or a phone call.  I gather information about the person's concerns, situation, and what he/she is seeking.  I talk to the person about how this may or may not be a good match for my strengths, and will try to explain how I would work with them.  At this point, the person can ask questions and gather information, as well as to get a sense of me.  If it seems to be a good match, I will invite the person to go to my secure online portal at my website in order to complete an intake form and sign a few consents.  Once those are completed, I offer the person a free online consultation, where the potential client(s) can share more about their situations and get a better sense of what therapy with me would be like.  

I have been a licensed Psychologist in California since 2001.  I hold a Ph.D. from the APA Accredited Counseling Psychology Training Program at the University of Texas at Austin, an M.A. in Developmental Psychology from Teachers College - Columbia University, and a B.A. in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz.  As part of the requirements of my doctoral program I successfully completed the Predoctoral Psychology Internships at the Jerry L. Pettis Memorial VA Medical Center, after which I completed 3,000 hours of supervised practice.

My services qualify for reimbursement as an Out-Of-Network PPO provider, and also qualify for Reimbursement by Health Savings Accounts.  My full fee is $195 but I reduce that if there is financial neeed.

I became interested in Psychology while studying acting in college.  I was studying Method Acting, and took a Psychology class to better understand people's motivations and conflicts.  I soon found that I had a passion for helping people through therapy and was fortunate to be able to pursue this as a career.

My practice focuses on helping adolescents and adults through individual, couples, and family therapy.  In the past I have worked with a variety of populations, including veterans, people struggling with addictions, individuals with anger issues, incarcerated youth, high conflict divorcing families, and many others.  

An interesting thing about my practice is that although I run it out of Orange County, CA, where I have had a successful private practice for many years, I conduct the teletherapy sessions while living abroad.  One interesting thing that happened along the way was that my studying, practicing and ultimately teaching of Buddhist meditation led me to relocate to Thailand, where I have had the, opportunity to study with Monks, care for Villagers, and to find a more peaceful life away from the hussle and bustle of suberbia. As part of this shift, I continue to run my private practice as a California Licensed Psychologist out of Orange County but I am providing these services remotely through online teletherapy. I think people are also valuing the influence I provide from my unusual experience providing care online from paradise. I hope you will give me a chance to share with you what I have to offer.

I recommend that clients choose a clinician who has had years of experience following receiving strong education and training.  I do recommend doing an internet search of the person's name and read their online reviews.  Most importantly trust your feelings as you interact with that person.

I recommend sharing your story, including your concerns, the history, what you are seeking to accomplish, etc. and then ask the prospective therapist how they would work with the case.  I also think it is important to find out if the clinician has experience with the issues of concern.  It could also be helpful to find out about that person's credential and training.  Of course, finding out about costs is also important.  Ask not just how much the charge is per session, but also I recommend finding out how many sessions thet professional expects the treatment to take.

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