Lauren Camacho, LCSW

Lauren Camacho, LCSW

8 years in business

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As your coach and partner I will help you overcome barriers that manifest in ways that don’t allow you to feel as alive and fulfilled as you hope to. I will open your awareness to your inner wisdom. Assist you in identifying and breaking through limiting beliefs to create freedom and empowerment.

If you are struggling with maintaining balance, feeling fully alive, or managing life stressors, I can probably relate, and I am 100% sure I can help.


Helping others live an optimal life is what I live to do.


I’ve been doing it professionally for almost a decade.  I spend most of my days engaging in therapeutic sessions, looking up research, and sharpening my tools that assist others in not only healing but living optimally.


Feeling stuck, detached from yourself/experiences, or feel like you should be happier than you are?


I can help with this all too common feeling.I have experience in many different therapeutic techniques and philosophies that together create an individual experience that awakens your authentic state that sparks in you the life that you have been suppressing for far too long.


Struggling with maintaining a facade of having a balanced life and that you have everything “together” no matter what?


Been there and done that for many years.  It has held me back in countless ways. I dedicated thousands of hours and dollars to eradicating these weaknesses from my life.  


Would you like to understand who you are meant to be ?


Build strong relationships with friends and family?


Be able confidently go through life without enormous fears or feelings of guilt and shame?


I have been in the same boat. I have created so much pain and suffering in my life due to past wounds, a weak sense of self worth, and not knowing who I was at my core. I know what it is like to lose all motivation, be lost, and feel pretty helpless. Even when I looked like I “had it all together”on the outside.


Now, I can look back at past wounds with peace in my heart, accept and love my self, and go through life with tools and awareness to overcome obstacles that are setting me back in anyway.


I was able to go through the hurdles and I can help you do the same.  It’s what I have been able to do with many of clients I have worked with.


As a client of mine you’ll have the great opportunity to:


  • Be personally coached my me.

  • Work on your specific goals or general guidance

  • Get support in understanding and removing what is in the way of your desires.

  • Get clarity on what parts in your life need action and/or attention

  • Develop tools to build a strong foundation and be resilient

  • Establish and/or strengthen personal values, boundaries, and relationships.

  • Get support in connecting to your inner wisdom.


Have you been in therapy for many years or have tried to do the self growth journey on your own and still continue to feel stuck?

Whether you said yes or have always wanted to start your self care journey I can guess that your issue in feeling stuck falls into a daily battle of trying to overcome a persistent painful area. Whether if it is in regards to your relationships, purpose, career, health, finances, or love life.


The reason why your feeling stuck has to do with unresolved issues from your past, the narrative you have about yourself and about how the world is, and your limiting beliefs. Until these things change you will not get to the life you desire.


Speaking of those limiting beliefs…

They can be sneaky and pull you under without you even realizing it. Do any of these hit close to home with you?


  • Maybe your desired life is not meant for you since you have tried so long and haven’t gone anywhere towards reaching it.

  • You can’t make the changes you need to due to not being a certain way or have not reached a particular milestone in your life.

  • Your issues are way too big to solve and it is something you can't change.

  •  Or maybe your issues are not as bad as someone else so you think its not worth focusing on cause it's selfish or seems ridiculous.

  • Living an amazing life is meant for people who are “lucky” or have certain qualities.

  • You will never have the things you want out of life.

  • Your not good enough or maybe made too many mistakes and you can never overcome them

  • Working on yourself seems to be the last on your to do list due to everyone else needing you. 

I want you to know that it does not matter how many times you failed or gave up. It doesn’t matter how much you don’t know about who you are, what your supposed to be doing, or what the heck is happening with you. THIS IS NOT A PLACE FOR JUDGEMENT. This is a place for opportunity.

Wherever you are at in your life is exactly where you are supposed to be. This is a place to get clarity on why you are where you are and how to move forward.

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