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I am a relationship and communications specialist with over twenty five years experience helping people solve a wide variety of problems. I received my Bachelor in Industrial Engineering from the City University of New York.  I then went on for a Ph.D. in Psychology and taught at Brooklyn College where I did experiments in memory and cognition. I conducted research in neurophysiological psychology at the former New Jersey Neuropsychiatric Institute and lectured at Princeton University.  I have given talks and seminars for the public, students and professionals on topics such as personal and social power, behavior modification and the creative process.   

What Jack Friedland’s clients are saying...

“One session with Jack was unequivocal to any counseling experience I have ever had. It transformed a relationship that was growing cold and bitter into a warm and loving one practically overnight. Understanding how status and control issues were affecting us, we moved into a new direction of our thinking and actions which created an uplifting and sustaining change in our relationship. We just returned from a second honeymoon!”

Bob D.

  “Jack has a quality rare for a man in his field in that his perceptions and understandings of both male and female meaning reach beyond traditional gender-linked values. He drives home healthy and successful human needs and interaction while concurrently maintaining the ability of clients to maintain their gender-specific upbringing and orientation. This eliminates the particular argument over which sex is right! Surprisingly little need go into this as Jack bypasses the cultural divisions between men and women by focusing on what each needs to feel good about Self, rather than Other. The by-product of this action is more tolerance and love for Self and Other. In this non-traditional approach, Jack accomplishes in a few sessions what takes others many.”

Christa F.

 “When you are ready to see and hear and ready to learn, a teacher will appear. Thanks for appearing! I feel like Atlas shrugging and having the weight of the world rolling from his shoulders. You are responsible for that relief, because you make me see, really see, that I am not responsible for Ted’s actions — he is. So simple! I so appreciate also, not having to roll around in the mud and the muck with “He said,” “She said,” “He did,” “She did.” Once you knew enough about us to fully and clearly ascertain the problem, you went directly into solving it! Thanks!”

Joyce V.

 “Dear Jack, Thank you for seeing John and I concerning our marital problems. It was amazing how you picked up the root of the problem so quickly and clearly. I am very sure that I would never have been successful in communicating the source of my deep unhappiness to John without you. His control mania was driving us apart and I could never get through that it had to stop. After two meetings I began to notice a subtle difference in John’s behavior immediately upon returning home. It has slowly improved steadily and conversation is easier and more open each time a disagreement rises. Your chart was so effective in relating to our unique problem of how John was treating me. I know it had an impact. Thank you again.”

Lavona B.

  “(Jack's ) hands-on, practical approach to dealing with marital issues has been very beneficial to us. We have come to realize that we are not fundamentally incompatible, but need tools to deal with our problems, and Jack quickly provided us with these. Our sessions with Jack are comfortable and productive, and we always leave feeling better about our relationship and ourselves.”

Claudette N.

  “Thanks to Jack, my outlook on relationships is very positive and thanks to his guidance, I am finally in a healthy and growing relationship. His theories and explanations simplify the dilemmas of relationships.”

Kelly W.

  “After an hour with Jack Friedland, I felt more confident and clear over issues that overpowered my life. He seemed to have an understanding of the issues in my life. His therapy is to the point. What I learned from Jack was a reminder that when people are mean, nasty or plain inconsiderate, they are just showing their weaker side.”

James B.


I take great pleasure in giving my clients the tools they need to take control of their lives, thereby helping them discover how to be truly happy. 

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